About BSM Production

BSM Production started as Sinding Træskofabrik in 1986. ​Bjarne Mortensen and his father ran the business together until 1997, when Bjarne took over.

The main production was from the start to produce soles for clogs. In 1999 the company bought two companies which made the clogs. Then the production of the clogs with wooden soles, PU/wood, and flex started.

​In 2000 the name changed to BSM Production. For the last 10 years the factory has produced high quality clogs, made at the factory in Denmark.

Contact us

BMS Production
Sinding Hedevej 30, 8600 Silkeborg

Tlf.: (+45) 86 85 54 99
Email: bsmproduction@mail.dk

CVR nr.: 12400705